Photography Services

Photography is more than creating new photos. It’s enjoying old memories as well, after all, we take photos to capture a moment in time. In addition to new photos, I can help you turn your old memories into digital images that you can share again. Whether its a negative or an old photo let me help with your needs. Sometimes a cherished photo has faded or has been damaged. Let me help restore or touchup that photo.

Portrait Photography

Capture life’s moments, memories, and emotions. My pricing is different from most photographers… Upfront you pick the amount of time you want to spend with me capturing your photos. No restrictions in poses, outfits, locations etc. If I did my job right, you will select multiple pictures that you want and only pay for those. If you need help printing, I can assist with that too. The only set price is around time, spend as much or as little as you want on pictures, you get full releases for all the pictures you buy.

I am only taking family, newborn, engagement, and senior picture assignments.

Local Travel Included


45 minutes $50
90 minutes $100
120 minutes $150
180 minutes $200
>180 Contact

Includes moderate touchups

1-5 $25/each
6-10 $20/each + 125
11-15 $15/each + 225
16-20 $10/each + 300
20+ $5/each + 350

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Photo Restoration and Touchup Services

Sometimes negatives aren’t available and all you have left is a print. Let me help bring faded and scratched photos back to life. Due to the nature of the task, pricing will be dependent on condition and requirement.

$50 minimum

Custom pricing based on needs

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Negatives and Photo Scanning

Your family’s memories don’t belong in a shoe box. Turn them into a digital collection that can be shared. We handle everything by hand no automatic feeding or machines doing the work, so that your memories aren’t damaged.

$50 minimum
1-200photos or negatives
.50 each
35mm or up to 8x10
201-400photos or negatives
.45 each
Online Gallery
401+photos or negatives
.40 each

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